Group sits in the conference room

Innovative Approaches: Reflections from Our Construction Retreat


In the design conference, we go to a meta-level above the customer projects, discuss work processes, useful improvements, new or changed standards, manufacturing processes and material or surface samples. We also look at how to create stable, easy-to-change, clear CAD models. That sounds very dry at first. But in this closed meeting, we quickly warmed up and weighed up the pros and cons. In this way, we learn from each other and improve each other, something for which there is little room in our day-to-day work.

This time, the handling of ergonomics dummies in different sizes and percentiles and CAD systems were among the topics discussed. As we use two very different CAD systems (Creo and SolidWorks), we discussed the potential of the Maniken tool (Creo) and ErgoMan (SW). As a rule, SolidWorks offers the more intuitive and simpler approach. Creo takes the more precise, scientific approach.

After a joint but necessarily distanced lunch (large kebab delivery from our trusted kebab stand) and the traditional walk around the block, we got to know the work content of our colleagues from UI/UX in more detail, refreshed and regenerated.

It was interesting to see the similarities in the development process, but also how detailed and structured user interface and user experience design must be in order to avoid mistakes and generate a successful product.

As a small highlight towards the end, we again analyzed a sawn-up product from the consumer goods sector. An electric toothbrush gave us an insight into manufacturing processes and assembly procedures.

Finally, we used the remaining time to present each team member's current projects to each other, along with their challenges and findings.

Individual parts of an electronic toothbrush
Group sits in the conference room
Group sits in the conference room
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