User Excitement Touchpoints

Digitalization potential on and around the product

In addition to the actual operation, the key to user excitement is the experience during commissioning, customization and troubleshooting: this is where we develop wizards, tutorials and digital and print-based user guidance.

Our range of services

  • Instructions
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Customer Journey
  • Explanatory illustrations
  • Explanatory animations
  • Unboxing and packaging
  • Service design
  • Concept web tools
  • Concept app menu structure
  • App content concept

The levels of user excitement

At BUSSE, we have set ourselves the goal of developing products with our customers that excite the user! To achieve this, we work with our customers to think beyond traditional methods such as the human-centered design process and take a holistic view of a product's interfaces:

  1. the experience with the product before purchase
  2. the product experience during unpacking and initial installation
  3. the product experience during the further course of use

User excitement potential

The foundation of user satisfaction and the brand experience world is formed by the physical products, their functions and the customer experience when using and commissioning them. A lot of potential is wasted here: good products are frustrated by poorly implemented user guidance and operating instructions that often end up unread in the waste paper...

On the other hand, the digital world offers a lot of potential by linking different media and content.

Some brands clearly show how even just unboxing and setting up products can become a celebrated experience. While many years ago people preferred to change the copier instead of replacing the toner, even the dumbest user is now successfully guided through the process by animated information.

This is exactly where we want to start.

Graphic which explains user touchpoints

Our work process

Customer journeys

  • Determining the user touchpoints
  • Identification of the different user types and their requirements / needs
  • Determination of opportunities for additional digital benefits such as learning support / personalization

Documentation and UX / graphic design

  • Clean structuring of the information and presentation options for the user manuals
  • Creation of coherent and self-explanatory documentation
  • Explanatory graphics and animations / storyboards
  • Development of content and structures for user manuals and quick guides
  • Generation of additional content such as videos etc.

Our added value

  • UX and graphics expertise in-house, great understanding of technology through industrial design and engineering.
  • If product development runs in parallel in our company, we know the product inside out.

Further services

In addition to the creation and structuring of the actual

content, we can offer the following through our partner network:

  • Readability test
  • Standard conformity check
  • Translation
  • Print processing
  • App programming
  • 3D animations
Your contact person
Evamaria Plehn, Head of UI/UX Design
Evamaria Plehn, Head of UI/UX Design
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