Complex product developments & detailed design solutions

Our engineering department offers experience in all stages of product development and offers a wide range of manufacturing processes and supplier contacts. In addition, our design engineers have a keen sense of product design and interface design, so that in addition to functional solutions, the demands of aesthetics and operation are also met. In-house prototype construction means that development statuses can be tested and validated directly in practice.

Our engineering expertise


We implement complex functions in product development using intelligent components and structures that are as simple as possible. We also ensure early verification by producing and testing functional models and prototypes. The product can only be truly successful later on if the design engineers consider the aspects of ergonomics, operation and product design in addition to the purely technical solution during the development process.

Surfaces & housings

Design concepts are only as good as their constructive implementation. That's why, for many of our customers, we supply not only the design but also complex native exterior and design surfaces through to tool-ready data - all in direct dialog between product designers, engineers and series production partners. We work with a wide variety of materials and production techniques, from plastics and sheet metal constructions to fiber composite components.

Value engineering & component optimization

In value engineering, the focus is on optimizing concepts and existing products with regard to their manufacturing costs, e.g. through alternative manufacturing processes, materials or custom designs. In component optimization, acute problems from the market or production are addressed and rectified.

Testing and documentation

Validation and verification at the right time in the development process are success factors for every project. We offer a wide range of test equipment to accompany the development process and provide support with the corresponding documentation - including the creation of operating instructions.

Together with our customers, external auditors and specialists, we can develop FMEA and DFM analyses and support the approval process.

Detailed view of a modern hemodialysis machine setup showing internal and external components, with pipes, dials, and a digital monitor for patient monitoring.
Cutaway illustration of a chainsaw combining the technical drawing with the finished product.
Surfaces & housing
Graphic illustrating the process of design thinking with three versions of a wrench: conceptual, development, and final design, annotated with notes and directional arrows.
Value engineering & component optimization
Flowchart diagram showing the stages of product development including the product idea, Busse DFM Team with various concepts, design-freeze point, Busse Supplier Network, and the product manufacturing strategy.


Project management

Thanks to our experience from a large number of projects with different customers, we can act as a pacemaker, moderator and project manager and serve as a solution-oriented sparring partner for internal development departments as well as the subsequent production partners. Furthermore, we cover a wide range of interesting contacts to alternative production options and high-performance suppliers via the resulting network.

Detailed project timeline infographic in blue tones showing the stages of development from kickoff to series production: Concept, Concept Verification, Prototype, Design & Testing, Detailed Design & Supplier Consultation, and Series Introduction.

Cross-material & cross-manufacturing know-how & supplier network

From sheet metal/welded assemblies to complex cast/composite parts. Consideration of alternative manufacturing options such as roller burnishing / hydroforming and smart fastening options such as toxing / clinching.

Plastic-compatible design with tolerance analyses and metal-safe/adjustment strategies to support toolmaking. Consideration of options such as master molds, soft tools and 2K tools as well as generic production. Material selection with options for sustainability analysis and consideration of alternative plastics and recyclates.

Flowchart diagram showing the stages of product development including the product idea, Busse DFM Team with various concepts, design-freeze point, Busse Supplier Network, and the product manufacturing strategy.

Together for success - with our experience, we will take your engineering project to the next level! Have we aroused your interest?

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