UI/UX Design

UI / UX Design

We are specialists in the development of hardware and software-based user interfaces for digital and analog products - from the initial idea to the final product.

Our added value

We consider the entire user interface - consisting of hardware and software.

We develop and design user interfaces according to the Human Centered Design process, which places the user at the center of a development, but also takes into account hardware-side ergonomic guidelines and the appearance of your company. This enables us to design all interfaces of a product - from the hardware-side button, the gripping and service areas to touch and software interaction.

We call this holistic approach UX 720°. Our interface designers and usability experts work closely with your application experts to develop sophisticated user interfaces that combine creative design, intuitive user guidance (usability) and forward-looking trends.

We evaluate the results together after each iteration loop. The design phase is only started with a tested concept in order to save development costs later on.

Infographic of the product development process, showcasing the concept and design phases. Includes user interface concepts, prototyping, analysis, user experience, style guide, icon design, screen design, and market launch.

UX 720° - User interfaces taken a step further

The term user interface is used by many to refer only to the graphical user interface of software. Instead of this restrictive definition, we at BUSSE see the user interface in its original sense - i.e. much more than just software and touchscreens.

By taking a holistic view of all relevant touch points, all elements are categorized according to their functions: Manipulation, display and support. This is the only way to ensure that the best possible user interface elements are selected to meet all production, device environment and user ergonomics requirements.

With UX720 °, the user interface is therefore not considered in a vacuum. Instead, the device to be developed and the application scenarios are first analyzed holistically and only then implemented in the perfectly coordinated user interface in a second round based on the analysis. In this way, we ensure that all touch points are seamlessly integrated into the device and that the overall impression of the device looks as if it is a single unit in order to get the most out of hardware and software.

Focus on user experience

Our UI/UX designs follow the Human Centered Design Process according to DIN 9241 to ensure that users can use our products effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily. We place particular emphasis on error-free and user-friendly design, not only during use, but also before and after use. Our expertise in usability engineering for medical products enables an optimal user experience.

Three people analyzing and discussing user interface design on a large screen, with one participant making annotations.
UX Check
Two people collaboratively working on a user interface design, as if it was a construction site, with one person standing on a ladder and the other assisting from below.
Three individuals examining and discussing an interface design on a large screen, with one participant pointing at specific elements.
A person stands in front of a large screen, interactively working on a user interface design.

Optimal user experiences in medical technology

We support you in the standardized implementation of the usability of medical devices in accordance with DIN EN 62366-1. We create precise use specifications and user interface operating concepts, carry out use-related risk analyses, plan and carry out formative and summative testing, evaluate these and optimize the design of your medical device.

Complex flowchart representation of the usability engineering process, starting from planning, through usage specification and requirements management to risk management and documentation.

Together for success - with our experience, we will take your UI/UX project to the next level! Have we piqued your interest?

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