We support your project flexibly and precisely with our team of 4 departments and 60 experts. Let us realize your vision together!

More than 60 years on the market

We are an experienced product development office with broad expertise from 10,000 successful projects. And offer a strong network of manufacturers and technology partners.

4 areas under one roof

Unique combination of product design, UX/UI design, engineering and prototyping. A strong expansion of resources and the interdisciplinary combination drives real innovation!

Transparent project planning

Transparent project planning where we always maintain an overview. Modular and flexible, with step-by-step billing, no matter how big your budget is we will find a good solution.

Structured creativity

Structured analysis, clear strategy and agile implementation - we drive projects forward. We push the projects for you and react agilely and flexibly to new findings and inputs.

How do we develop together?

We ideally combine highly agile processes in the concept phase and a clearly defined project structure in the detailing and series implementation. This allows us to combine the best of both worlds: Short intermediate sprints at the beginning enable a high degree of concept flexibility and a careful evaluation of the technical and design possibilities. On this basis, a clear product definition can then be identified, which in turn can be implemented very stringently in terms of deadlines and costs. Our project modules are based on reflected and clearly described specifications and product requirements. In our calculations, we use a transparent presentation of the specific project steps, costs, disciplines involved and deliverables as well as the possible optional modules. Milestones are clearly defined and recorded with detailed documentation in presentations and minutes. Project content is processed in a phased approach. Billing also takes place from project phase to project phase. Adjustments to new findings are made in a very agile manner and within the budget framework or with clearly identified and agreed additional items. Rights of use are regulated transparently, there are no hidden license fees.

A diagram representing the company process. It illustrates various steps, from ideation and product development to market launch.

The think tank

Experience a virtual 3D insight into the think tank and the birthplace of many well-known product developments.

Our history

Since BUSSE was founded, numerous design classics and icons have been created, such as the Krups mixing bowl, the Telekom telephone case and the Dr. Best toothbrush. BUSSE has shaped the zeitgeist of design in various industries, from hand-held tools to machine design. World market leaders such as STIHL, WÜRTH, HAZET, FRESENIUS and many others have relied on BUSSE's design expertise over the last six decades and have maintained strategic partnerships for innovative solutions.

In addition to current product developments, BUSSE also pushes visionary projects, leads the way in the market together with customers and sets new impulses. This is precisely where BUSSE can utilize the full power of its holistic specialist departments and its strategic and methodical way of thinking. Methods such as human-centered design and the involvement of lead users enable the early identification, selection and agile testing of innovative ideas. This approach has led to trendsetters such as the UJET electric scooter, the Velv Wine decanter, the BÜHLER conveyor system and the QWAIR water treatment system. BUSSE regularly scouts current and future design trends, technologies and materials, is involved in start-up hubs and supports disruptive projects by established companies.

BUSSE is unique in that it perfectly combines the competing demands of manufacturability, production costs and function with brand-defining aesthetics and optimum usability. These design criteria were formulated as early as 1959 by founder Rido Busse and are becoming increasingly important in the 21st century as technical differentiation options become smaller.

Rido Busse

"Designing successful products" - that was the credo of company founder Rido Busse (* August 14, 1934 in Wiesbaden, † February 12, 2021 in Oberelchingen). Rido Busse was a designer, entrepreneur and honorary professor. After completing his apprenticeship as a silversmith, Rido Busse studied at the legendary Ulm School of Design from 1953 to 1959 and founded the company now known as BUSSE Design+Engineering in 1959. As managing director, he ran the company until 1999, devoting himself to more representative tasks such as the negative award Plagiarius, which he founded in 1977.

Memorial tribute to Rido Busse featuring his portrait with a white ribbon icon, displaying his lifespan from August 14, 1934, to February 12, 2021. Rido Busse holds the Plagiarius award.

Career at BUSSE

BUSSE - a leader in design and product development in Europe. We create technologically advanced products for our customers, from the first spark to series production. Are you ready to become part of our successful team and develop your skills in product development? Then don't hesitate any longer and apply to us now!

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Das moderne BUSSE DESIGN+ENGINEERING Headquarter mit großen Glasfenstern wird von innen beleuchtet und hebt sich vom dunkler werdenden Himmel während der Dämmerung ab. Das Bild zeigt architektonisches Design und natürliche Beleuchtungseffekte.