Color Material Finish

CMF- little beloved design details

Color Material Finish: For us, the
design process does not end with the purely geometric form and contour -
because the quality of perception is defined above all by the "little
beloved details", such as color, material and structures.

Four close-ups of products where you can clearly see the material

Our range of services:

  • Material selection
  • Surface definition and finishing
  • Product graphics and logo
  • Color design
  • HMI

Just as a good piece of music
consists of more than just verses and chorus, for us a good design includes not
only the contours and proportions with their defined surfaces, edges and lines
and the colors assigned to them, but above all an intuitive human-machine
interface that fits the application. Multisensory technology and supporting
product graphics as well as a clearly defined CMF strategy for surfaces,
materials and colors complement this to create an overall composition. All in
all, these are the details that provide lasting inspiration, even after
repeated viewing and use.

To this end, we have built up an
extensive materials laboratory in which we have collected reference samples and
a wide variety of manufacturing processes and surface finishes, which help us
to define the product and industry-specific quality details in dialog with the

Several pictures of the material library

Our toolbox for design aesthetics is the BUSSE ID system. The 8 levels of design serve different dimensions of impact, so that the combination of design levels extends across the field of tension between long-distance and close-up effects.

System graphic modular system table
Your contact person
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
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