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Augmented & Virtual Reality

VR and AR in the design process

As early as the initial concept and sketch phase of the design process, we can "sketch" in three-dimensional space and thus work very closely on (complex) technical packages and present the various concepts in VR/AR "life-size" alongside competitors and predecessor products. Although this 3D data is not parametric, it can be imported as references into classic CAD programs and also used to print initial RP models.

Our range of services

  • VR/AR product sketches in the design process
  • VR/AR product presentations
  • Hybrid AR models in combination with physical model making
  • Product renderings and animations

Virtual Reality in the design process

Exemplary workflow:

Virtual reality in the design process

As the project progresses, we can then use the CAD data to create detailed VR and AR models and thus virtual prototypes for decision-supporting product validation and sales-promoting product presentation. Augmented reality brings products almost within reach even before conventional model making - different colors and features can also be displayed and projected directly into the later environment.

The special thing about digital prototypes: AR displays the products in their original size and in the respective usage environment. Colors and material appearance as well as light and shadow effects tailored to the environment ensure that the virtual design models can be integrated as if they were close enough to touch.

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With virtual models, coordination and decisions can sometimes be made much faster than with a physical prototype, as less effort is required to create them.

Of course, a virtual prototype does not completely replace the physical prototype. Although the design and size can be assessed very well with the virtual representation, AR cannot yet keep up with real prototypes in terms of haptics or ergonomics.

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Henrik Banzhaf, Industrial Designer
Henrik Banzhaf, Industrial Designer
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