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With the X-CUBE series, TROX is taking the step from component manufacturer to system provider. The world market leader in ventilation and air conditioning technology decided on an unusual approach: two design teams from TROX and BUSSE were to compete in a competition of ideas.

Whether in clinics, airport and administration buildings or industrial halls - when it comes to the climate, TROX is at the top of its game. The company from Neukirchen-Vluyn on the western edge of the Ruhr area always ensures good air with its components and systems for the ventilation and air conditioning of rooms. TROX is a global leader in development, production and sales and is represented by 24 subsidiaries in 23 countries. The 3,600 employees of the TROX Group generate an annual turnover of over 400 million euros.

To date, TROX has offered components and units for air distribution, air flow and air filtration as well as for fire and smoke protection for centralized and decentralized air conditioning systems. An air handling unit for air treatment for central air conditioning systems was missing from the very comprehensive product portfolio. With the development of the x-CUBE series unit, TROX is now taking the step from component manufacturer to system provider "Everything from a single source".

For this step, TROX had the X-CUBE unit series developed to meet new demanding requirements such as the lowest possible energy consumption through consistent insulation, sealing and heat recovery or unprecedented hygiene, which could only be achieved with smooth surfaces down to the last detail; a special challenge for designers and engineers!

User-friendliness in every respect also played an important role. The modular design of the X-CUBE series allows for easy installation and maintenance as well as intuitive operation. A CAD system for configuring complex systems makes the work of the design engineers much easier during project planning. Last but not least, X-CUBE was intended to sharpen the profile of the TROX brand with a forward-looking design.

It is hard to believe that such comprehensive product optimization can be achieved in a highly competitive market with a technically sophisticated system!

For the product design and concept construction, TROX relied on intensive cooperation with BUSSE in workshops and comparative studies. The BUSSE team's design solutions were directly implemented by the product management and design team, such as pictograms of the functional groups for maintenance on each individual module, uniform closures or completely new window designs.

The creativity of designers and engineers was encouraged by a competition of ideas between the TROX design department and the BUSSE specialists, who each formed a team. From a multitude of solutions and concepts, which were discussed and evaluated in detail, a product structure finally matured for the new X-CUBE series, which impresses with its intelligence, consistency and clarity.

With this modular system for air handling units for central ventilation and air conditioning systems, TROX is significantly raising the bar for quality, performance, flexibility, reliability, energy utilization and hygiene. A good example of how a leading global company can further extend its lead in cooperation with BUSSE.

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Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
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