Communal Robots

BUSSE - Case Study: Communal Robots

As we celebrate our 60th anniversary on Sept. 19, 2019, we asked ourselves what products will look like 60 years from now.

Not only from the perspective of the technologies available and forecast today, but also from the consideration of how we imagine life in 60 years for ourselves. To this end, we have already reviewed many publications and conducted exciting internal creative workshops. We are currently working on some interesting theses based on a number of exemplary products.

The following study looks at how service robots can support people in everyday life in a more versatile and efficient way in the future.

This is done by looking at the modularity and the cooperation of numerous robots in swarms. In the process, the robot was developed for the tasks around the house and for work in public areas.

The following study looks at how service robots can support humans even more can support humans in everyday life in an even more versatile and efficient way in the future. This is done by looking at modularity and the cooperation ofof numerous robots in swarms. In the process, the robot was developed for the tasks around the house and for work in public areas.

Situation today

  • Robots help us with tedious everyday tasks
  • Only a few people have such everyday helpers at their disposal
  • A robot is usually specialized and limited to performing one activity

Possible solutions

  • In the future, robots will be able to support people in their everyday lives in a variety of ways
  • The robots will be able to autonomously access locations and tasks
  • Flexible equipping of robots for different fields of application and activities
  • Convenient handling of the robot with regard to costs, maintenance and availability
Communal Robots drawing
Drawing of communal robots in the city
Drawing of Communal Robots mobile app
Drawing of communal robots in the city

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Felix Timm, General Manager

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