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BODYSHAKE® has set itself the goal of contributing to a healthier society. High-quality protein drinks are an important component for balanced nutrition, muscle building and a healthy lifestyle.

For this purpose, BODYSHAKE® with its vending machines offers a perfect combination of this health trend with excellent hardware and software solutions. In a vending machine for gyms, offices, supermarkets, gas stations and public places.

Ten years ago BODYSHAKE® started as a small team in West Saxony - Today they are world market leader in their segment with customers in 15 countries!

At the BODYSHAKE® vending machine, the flavors, composition and protein content of the drinks can be intuitively and independently adjusted by the users*. Whether fruity, creamy or anything in between: 6 flavors and 8 protein amounts offer up to 168 combinations.

Whether directly at the vending machine, via iOS app or tablet on site: BODYSHAKE® helps to create the perfect recipe - individually tailored to users and goals. The right drink is then served directly from the vending machine.

BUSSE Design had the privilege of supporting the innovative BODYSHAKE® team in the design of the new generation of vending machines. The result is a new, modern vending machine, which BODYSHAKE presents on its website as follows:

"Sturdy optics. Brutal technology.

Modern design and innovative LED technology make the BODYSHAKE® vending machine an eye-catcher wherever it is placed. A fascinating LED concept bathes the operating elements in spherical light. Chip-controlled processes enable automated cup movement and cashless payment.

The huge 32" touch display is responsive and captivates with fascinating color brilliance. All elements are embedded in a robust chassis with its advanced keyless locking system. Never has anything so secure looked so good.

Generously sized storage containers allow for fresh BODYSHAKE® preparations with high-quality ingredients, all without instant madness.

A powerful cooling system guarantees refreshing drinks. The patented flavoring mix technology satisfies individual taste preferences.

A smart automatic self-cleaning system keeps the machine sparkling clean. The BODYSHAKE® machine independently runs various cleaning programs every day: In the water circuit, via OZON disinfection, through filter systems and chemical processes. The coated touch display also protects against viruses and bacteria. And: technology including cloud connectivity makes operation, management and remote maintenance child's play."

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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