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QWAIR - Innovative water treatment without chemicals

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Water treatment using the principle of evaporation - without chemicals, membranes and filters and also much more efficient than conventional methods.

The company QWAIR developed a new technology of water treatment by separating drinking water from salt or brackish water through the principle of evaporation. The water-saturated air rises, is cooled, and condenses - thus water of outstanding purity can be obtained.

BUSSE was able to implement this basic idea of the company's founders Matthias Enzenhofer and Stefan Flinspach with other partner companies at the beginning of 2016 in a first fully functional prototype in a twelve-meter long and three-meter high and wide sea freight container. This prototype has since achieved over 4,500 operating hours without any failure symptoms and is fully TÜV-approved.

QWAIR Group is currently planning the first three plants for the water treatment of the 23,400 square kilometer Chinese-German industrial park Metal Eco City in Jieyang in southern China, where the innovative water treatment technology will be used. Further plants with a total capacity of up to 100,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day are to follow by 2025.

We are pleased about the success of this innovative and sustainable technology and are proud that we were allowed to participate in the development, design and realization of the first plant prototype!

Water treatment device
Water treatment device
Water treatment device
Water treatment station

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