Two people use VR glasses

Virtual reality in the design process


What possibilities does designing in VR offer us?

As industrial designers, we are always on the lookout for new ways and approaches to optimize the design process. The Gravity Sketch software is one of the most promising tools of the future for the early phase of the geometric definition of objects.

In order to evaluate this new tool, we have started a pilot project to familiarize ourselves with its operation and test its integration into our existing work processes. Using two VR headsets and the corresponding hand controllers, we have already been able to create our first complex 3D models and work on them simultaneously. A conclusion regarding process integration is still pending, but we can already draw some initial conclusions at this stage:

  • the metaverse and teamwork in VR are a promising tool of the future, because it is possible to work together on models in the same "room" without being physically present
  • Intuitive design on a 1:1 scale becomes possible without great effort
  • Use cases can be quickly mapped with 3D ergonomics dummies or tested using the first person view
  • Concept freeform surfaces can be created and evaluated at high speed
  • A quick check of 2D representations in 3D is possible
  • 3D sketches are often easier for customers to read than 2D sketches and can therefore be understood more quickly
  • The reference to technical packages can be better understood
  • Reference models from Gravity Sketch can be used as a template for design without lengthy exchanges between designer and modeler, as there is less room for interpretation

We are on our way into the world of VR and are very excited to see how it can enrich our design process in the future.

Your contact person
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
One person using VR glasses
Two people use VR glasses
One person uses VR glasses
Two people use VR glasses
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