Carbon neutral Company CCertificate for Busse design and engineering

Climate-neutral for the fifth year in a row


We are proud to have been successfully certified as climate-neutral again this year since 2019.

We started out with 299 tons of emissions and are now down to just 64 tons, which corresponds to a further reduction of 10% compared to the previous year and a reduction of 80% within 5 years.

Our employees also contribute to the reduction on their commutes by carpooling, cycling and taking the bus and train.

Our vehicle fleet currently consists of a full EV and other hybrid vehicles. A total of 8 charging stations are available to our employees and customers and their EV/hybrid vehicles. We generate a large proportion of the electricity for this and for our machinery from our own PV system.

Plans are already underway to expand the PV system and replace our heating system with a carbon-neutral one, so we are well on the way to becoming almost completely carbon-neutral!

We are offsetting this year's CO₂ emissions in two meaningful and sustainable projects - hydropower and rainforest reforestation.

Bar charts on the topic of emission sources
Carbone-neutral company certificate