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BEYERDYNAMIC - Headzone-System in a class of its own for spatial hearing

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Perfect sound is the measure of all things for beyerdynamic. With this high standard, the company, founded in 1924 and headquartered in Heilbronn, Germany, has established itself at the top of its industry.

The best example of this is the surround system called Headzone: It conveys a spatial listening experience via headphones that amazes with its extraordinary fidelity to reality. An ultrasonic adapter on the headphones called Headtracker sends data about the music listener's head movements to the Headzone base station, which automatically adjusts the virtual sound sources in real time. Thus, the quality of spatial listening always remains the same.

With the design of the base station, BUSSE picks up on beyerdynamic's claim: The elegant appearance and high-quality high-tech look signal at first glance that this is a timeless and incomparable top product. A robust collar made of polyurethane foam protects the device from damage or knocks during daily use and at the same time gives it its formal independence with a high recognition value.

BUSSE has provided design, 3D surface calculation and design model construction for the base station of the Headzone system.

Headzone system
Headzone diagonally from above
Headzone from top front
Headzone from the front

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Felix Timm, General Manager