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TRUMA - Caravan Interior and VeGA fuel cell system

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First with a design study for the Caravansalon 2006 in Düsseldorf and then with an elaborate cutaway model with partial functions a year later at the same location, BUSSE DESIGN+ENGINEERING is a development partner of Truma in the creation of a fuel cell system for recreational vehicles.

The energy source for the power generator is the liquid gas already used in the product environment. It is interesting to note that Truma is already seeking public input at a very early stage of development and is continuously involving the public in the further development steps until the series product will be available in 2009.

For the innovator within the product range, the appearance is of particular importance, as this is where a product has to establish itself in the market that is currently not yet available for purchase. One question here is who will later like to hide a product in the depths of their motorhome that looks so good.

Truma prototype fuel cell croped
Truma prototype fuel cell
Truma prototype fuel cell
Truma caravan heater

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Rainer Fischer, Head of Prototyping & Production
Rainer Fischer, Head of Prototyping & Production
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