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WÜRTH completes the family of bit boxes with now 4 box sizes and offers with the universal bit bar the possibility of individual and flexible equipping of the boxes!

The core of the new generation of boxes are standardized bit bars, which allow the removal of individual bars from the box as well as individual loading and compatible exchange of bit assignments between the new boxes. Empty boxes can be individually equipped with exactly those equipped bit bars that are required specifically for the trade. Of course, there is also a wide range of ready-equipped boxes.

The box family follows the standardized WÜRTH grid dimensions, so that all box sizes fit perfectly into drawers and the system cases for optimal storage and assortment.

In addition to these new features, all boxes have been implemented in the WÜRTH corporate design and - based on the system cases - feature the typical polished WÜRTH frame on the top surface.

We congratulate WÜRTH on this further successful system product family and the RedDot Award 2022 won for it!

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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