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STABILO Cappi - The fiber-tip pen with a special design and "captive" cap

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Children and parents alike are annoyed by the fact that conventional fiber-tip pens dry out and the caps get lost. The STABILO Cappi® provides such a convincing answer to these seemingly inherent problems of all conventional fiber-tip pens that its product concept has already won two awards: the Universal Design Award and the Universal Design Consumer Favorite.

Marketing experts and developers from STABILO, designers and engineers from BUSSE worked together to find new functionalities and design options. In concept phases and interdisciplinary workshops, they developed ideas, visualized concepts and discussed visions of a new type of fibre-tip pen for children aged six and over.

The product concept clearly distinguishes the STABILO Cappi® from the mass of conventional pens in all its key features. Its pencil caps are simply threaded onto a clever ring - making it virtually impossible to lose. The ring can be used to connect all the pens for the school run and hang them on the school bag.

The ergonomic grip zone adapts perfectly to the delicate hands of children who hold it. On the outside, the Cappi® stands out with its unusual tube shape, which is flattened towards the back. A practical benefit: The pens can no longer roll away unintentionally or fall off the table. The best prospects for a long life in children's hands!

The Cappi® underlines the STABILO brand's high standards of quality and innovation.

Although this fiber-tip pen is primarily a product for children, its design and functionality must still appeal to several target groups:

  1. The children and young people who like to use a product or want to own it themselves as soon as they see it at a friend's house, on TV or in a store.
  2. Parents, grandparents and other relatives who like to give the product as a gift because they think it is beautiful and practical.
  3. Teachers who recommend the product out of conviction and, for example, put it on the shopping list for their classes.

These three target groups differ completely in terms of their aesthetic perception, their age and their social background. The functional evaluation of a product also differs depending on the target group - an exciting challenge for everyone involved in product development!

Due to the number of its components, the development history of such a pen is comparable with technically much more diverse products. There are also a number of legal requirements: did you know, for example, that the caps of fiber-tip pens must be perforated? If a child accidentally swallows a cap, the holes ensure that the windpipe is not blocked and the child does not choke - just one of many interesting aspects that were taken into account during development.

The Cappi® from STABILO is another example of how the developers and marketing experts at STABILO, together with the designers and CAD modelers at BUSSE, have succeeded in developing a unique product that has been thought through down to the last detail for a very crowded market.

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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