iMow 6 lawn mower in the garden at the charging station

STIHL - Next generation of iMOW robotic mowers

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The latest generation of robotic mowers from STIHL comes with a completely new, sporty look. In addition to the modern design, which deliberately stands out from its predecessors, the core of the current iMOW series is the redesigned user interface with smart display functions and controls.

New to the iMOW world are the EVO variants, which deliberately stand out with an alternative color scheme. In close cooperation with STIHL, we developed the product design of the robotic mowers, taking into account the overarching design strategy, corporate design and color brand.

iMOW series 5, 6 and 7

The new iMOW generation of the robotic mower series 5, 6 and 7 is characterized by a completely revised, sporty design. The aim of the design development was to integrate the robotic mower as an inconspicuous - automated - helper in the home garden, which nevertheless appears sporty and modern when viewed. The automotive design is characterized by large, spanned main areas.

In the front and rear areas, strikingly designed spoilers turn the iMOW into a genuine autonomous vehicle. The user interface integrated into the rear area is uncluttered and clear, enabling intuitive operation.

Another new feature is control via the MY iMOW app. Thus, the iMOW can be controlled via Bluetooth or WLAN, but also mobile radio. The current status of the robotic lawnmower is displayed via the LED backstripe, while the LED front stripe can be used as a daytime running light in three different modes.

The challenge in the design was to realize the desired sporty appearance while taking into account the technical requirements, such as the integrated sensor technology and the goal of a dimension that is as space-saving as possible to enable use even in narrow and overgrown gardens. In addition, the high safety requirements for an autonomous robotic mower must also be taken into account in the design as part of the requirements.

EVO variant

In addition to the iMOW robotic mowers in the familiar STIHL colors, an additional EVO variant is available for each series. Here, the typical STIHL color scheme of orange and light gray has been strategically expanded, and the use of dark colors has created a visually more discreet, elegant alternative.

In addition to the visual appearance, the EVO variant includes an LED matrix, which is placed underneath the hood and displays additional information to the user about the current status of their mower. The LEDs shine through the translucent plastic of the hood, making the interface disappear when inactive and allowing for a clean surface.

iMow 6 lawn mower detailed view from above
iMow 6 on the way to the charging station
iMow EVO control panel Stop button is pressed
iMow Rasenmäher Modell Basic neben Modell EVO
iMow RMI632 lawn mower detail view from left-front
iMow RMI 522 Rasenmäher Detailansicht
iMow 6 lawn mower detail view
iMow 6 lawn mower side view detail
iMow 6 mowing
iMow EVO with charging station
iMow EVO mows on hills

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Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
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