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Medical 720° - How do I turn my medical device into an experience?


A good product idea alone is not enough to be successful - it must be intuitive to use and a positive experience. Therefore, the question should be asked during development: Is the developed solution like this because the user expects it to be like this or because it is the technical requirement?

With Medical 720°, the design and construction company Busse takes a holistic approach to the development of medical products. It literally goes around a product twice: with the view of a UX expert, from the three-dimensional perspective of an industrial designer and an engineer. The expertise of interdisciplinary teams is pooled and an overarching professional exchange takes place. Usability, user experience and process reliability become a central component of product development. This method is based on the human-centered design process, which is used in digital product development and is anchored in DIN ISO 9241. Among other things, this also defines the usability of products and is in accordance with IEC 62366, which is specified in medical technology.

You should start by asking yourself the following questions: Who are my users? What expectations are assumed but not specifically expressed? Why do users interact in this way? These questions can be answered by examining an existing system on the basis of an initial user survey and at the same time identifying the typical and extreme use cases.

Reflecting on operating processes based on the different user groups reveals potential for optimization and enthusiasm factors, and an interface as well as the entire product can be redesigned [...].

This specialist article by Carina Dietrich is an excerpt from the article "Medical 720° - How do I turn my medical device into an experience?" published in the June issue of DeviceMed.

The full article can be read here >.

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