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JB-LIGHTING - Varyscan P8 LED spotlight from with compact design

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The Varyscan P8 LED spotlight from JB-Lighting is an impressive compact powerhouse for professional use. In the design and construction of the housing, BUSSE's holistic thinking and work at the interface between design, functionality and production proved its worth.

Until now, the limited luminous efficacy of white limited the possible applications of LED spotlights. This is now a thing of the past! JB-Lighting Lichtanlagentechnik GmbH in Wippingen near Ulm has more than overcome these limitations with the new Varyscan P8: 21 RGB high-performance LEDs and a maximum output of 800 watts set new standards for LED spotlights.

JB-Lighting has been developing, designing and manufacturing spotlights and lighting consoles for professional applications in theaters, clubs, on live stages, at trade fairs and in TV studios for more than 20 years. The company does not limit itself to final assembly, but integrates as many production steps as possible in its own factory in southern Germany. Technical innovations such as the first stage-suitable washlight with LED technology in 2005 and the "Made in Germany" principle strengthen the market position.

JB Lighting has also taken LED technology a big step forward for the Varyscan P8. The arrangement of the LEDs in conjunction with the optical system enables a compact design and excellent illumination. RGB color mixing, high-speed strobe and dimmer do not require any mechanical components.

BUSSE Design+Engineering was engaged as a partner for the design and construction of the housing. The housing allows for a compact design, the lines emphasize the innovative approach and create a characteristic appearance. The BUSSE team of designers and engineers attached particular importance to an intelligent design that supports the technically sophisticated cooling management and also reduces the number of components. BUSSE coordinated the details of the individual part design, such as wall thicknesses or fastening elements, with the suppliers of the tool parts to ensure smooth production.

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