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VELV - Microoxidation of wine

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A revolution in the enjoyment of wine.

The product idea is to make the micro-oxygenation of wines with pure oxygen accessible to every wine lover. This was previously unavailable on the market and is therefore a world first.

A previously unattainable experience of aromas and mouthfeel is possible within minutes with an application directly in the wine bottle before consumption.

Target groups are

  • Wine lovers

  • restaurants

  • bars

Development - specifications: Development of product requirements and research into application-specific norms and standards.

Pre-development: Development of basic principles for fulfilling requirements. Use of research and empirical studies, e.g. on the subject of optimum oxygen input in wine.

Development - conception: Development of product design studies to support an investigation of market acceptance and customer preferences in product use.

Development of design concepts for the integration of individual functions. Modular structure for independent testing of functions in sub-assemblies. Modeling of the design surfaces and development of a reference model. Construction of function models and design models for verification and validation with the customer and target groups.

Development - Market research: Review of market research and revision of product requirements and priorities for maximum customer benefit.

Development - FMEA: Review of the product FMEA with regard to high risk areas and development of efficient countermeasures (construction and design, hazard warnings, insurance, etc.).

Development - Design: Detailed development of all function groups, integration of functions for parts reduction, development of further safety functions and function optimization of the main functions.

Research of suppliers and coordination of key components for the best possible product performance.

Development - Design: Production of over 20 prototypes of various revisions with in-house and supplier production capabilities.

Use of various technologies such as SLS, SLA, DLMS, VG, CNC turning and milling, etc. to realize fully functional prototypes in a short time.

Development - tests: In hundreds of test runs, the individual functions were tested during development, insights were gained for the optimizations and theoretical risk assessments were compared with practical tests.

Every test is a benefit for development. It provides information on the level of development achieved, verifiably confirms that specifications have been met or reveals a deviation that needs to be corrected.

Development - patents: Several inventions were realized in the course of product development. These have resulted in more than 5 patents with worldwide coverage, which are intended to protect against copying.

Supplier selection: To find the most suitable suppliers for key components with specific know-how, comprehensive research and parts tests were carried out. The components for the desired application were jointly optimized and repeatedly tested in regular consultations.

Change management: By activating change management from the design freeze with the transfer of design data from the contract manufacturer, numerous part optimizations were implemented in coordination. This involved consistent change management.

Testing and certification: Prototypes and pre-series products were tested against industry standards in various non-destructive and destructive tests at independent testing institutes. Various extreme tests were carried out to ensure product safety.

Operating instructions: Recommendations for action were formulated and visualizations created to create operating instructions and instructions for use.

Potential hazards were translated from the product FMEA into warnings to enable the user to use the product optimally and for a long time.

Packaging: As part of the sampling loops, the packaging and its various functions were also regularly reflected upon and optimized.

Market entry: Online marketing in blogs, the launch of the online store and the presence at relevant trade fairs ensured that the marketing launch was successful with a tailwind.

Velv handle and cartridge
Composition Velv handle, cartridge, video section, general view
Compilation of Velv packaging photos and sketches
Hand holding device for micro-oxygenation of wines from Velv

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