HAAS sanding machine Red Dot Award

HAAS - Red dot Design Award for Multigrind grinding machine


This year, the coveted red dot, an international design award with a high reputation throughout the design industry, also goes to a sanding machine from HAAS Schleifmaschinen GmbH in Trossingen in the "Industry and Trade" product group. The design of the Multigrind® CB was realized by the renowned Busse Design + Engineering GmbH in Elchingen.

The design of the Multigrind® CB was developed by Busse Design + Engineering GmbH from Elchingen near Ulm. Even though the visual design of the systems by professional designers is still the exception in mechanical engineering, HAAS attaches great importance to it "We wanted an all-round coordinated product," says Thomas Bader, Managing Director of Technology and Sales at HAAS. "When developing the CB, our top priority was of course the technology, which we wanted to realize without compromising on stability, accuracy and speed. However, the production halls of our customers, particularly in the medical sector, but also those of manufacturers of tools for machining and in the aerospace industry, are becoming ever brighter and more modern. A machine should also have a pleasing appearance."

In view of these special features, the design was about "using the crystalline outer structure to indicate the absolute precision of the sanding", explains Michael Tinius. He is Chief Designer at Busse Design + Engineering GmbH and was in charge of developing the design for the HAAS grinding machine. "We attached great importance to straight surfaces and lines, to a monolithic appearance that conveys precision with its aesthetics and thus corresponds to the character of the machine. Without product cosmetics, we use the exterior to draw attention to the inner values. Busse Design is also proud of the award. The reddot award is one of the world's most highly regarded design prizes, awarded annually by a jury of international design luminaries. More than 3,200 entries from 51 countries were assessed by the jurors this year.

HAAS sanding machine from the side
Multigrind CU and User Interface
2 user interface screens with progress display and input options
HAAS Grinding Machine Award

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