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The design of STIHL consumer appliances harmoniously combines aesthetics and user-friendliness. Whether hedge trimmers, leaf blowers or brush cutters - each product has been developed with clear lines, modern shapes and practical use in mind. Despite the diversity of the appliances, we were able to create a clear and unmistakable design language across all product categories by applying and adapting the key design and brand features.

By using high-quality materials and durable components, STIHL strives to create products that not only work effectively, but also have a long service life.

The ergonomic handles and easily accessible controls make use intuitive and pleasant for DIY enthusiasts and gardening fans - despite the constant focus on safety. Sophisticated details, such as contrasting color accents and uniform design elements, contribute to the fact that STIHL consumer tools are not only powerful, but also visually appealing in any garden.

Stihl cordless motor scythe FSA30
Stihl HSA40 cordless hedge trimmer in shed
Stihl cordless hedge trimmer Battery being swapped
Man uses Stihl SHA56 cordless vacuum shredder in front of house

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Markus Schönecker, Project Manager, Senior Industrial Designer
Markus Schönecker, Project Manager, Senior Industrial Designer