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STIHL - Chainsaw models for various applications

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STIHL presents a new powerful and versatile cordless chainsaw lineup for professional and private users. In close cooperation with our customer STIHL, we developed the product design of the saw series, taking into account the overall design strategy, the corporate design and the color brand.

MSA 160, 200 & 220

Equipped with a professional cutting set, the powerful MSA 220 cordless chainsaw from the AP cordless system is ideal for felling smaller trees, limbing, cross-cutting and tree care. The saw models are aimed at both professional users and ambitious, performance-oriented private users.

With the aim of creating a coherent product family, the design is based on the brand's characteristic design language and familiar design features. The saw is positioned in the range between the powerful MSA 300 professional saw and the saws for private users from the AK system, thus expanding the product family with a new design.

The design conveys the power and performance of the machine in a very compact design.

MSA 60 & 70

The versatile MSA 60 and MSA 70 cordless chainsaws from the AK cordless system are designed for private users. The handy, lightweight chainsaws are particularly suitable for private garden and property maintenance around the house or for manual work. The saw can also be used without hearing protection due to its low noise level. A particular challenge in the design was the compact construction of the technical components and the associated accommodation and application of the typical STIHL design features.

Despite the small size, the striking design elements such as the strong side motif with the STIHL type plate, the V-shaped hood and the dynamic contour lines create a visually strong appearance and complete the consistent design language from the MSA 60 to the MSA 200 to the MSA 300.

MSA 300

The first cordless chainsaw MSA 300 specially developed for professional users impresses in combination with the new, most powerful battery from the AP system, the AP 500S, with a fully electric output of 3.0 kW. The performance and robust construction of the machine is reflected in a modern, powerful and dynamic design. Despite the compact and lightweight design, the focus of the design was on visualizing the power of the most powerful cordless chainsaw. This was achieved through a modern, technoid design language paired with brand-defining design elements.

In addition to the new, striking design, the MSA 300 also features a new and modern display. All important information about the appliance status or operating modes is shown to the user directly on this display.

AP 500S

The new AP 500S battery from the professional battery system extends the existing battery range at the top end with more power, service life and function. The main task of the design was to convey these characteristics visually. As the AP 500S is based on the same system as its predecessors and compatibility was to be maintained, the interfaces and dimensions are almost identical. This limited the scope for design to the front of the battery: by increasing the amount of orange and integrating other formal elements, it was possible to visualize the performance of the AP 500S and set it apart visually from its predecessors, but without leaving the product family.

Multiple charger and battery carrier

In addition to the devices themselves, we also designed important supplementary products such as the AL 301-4 multi-charger and the battery carrier to ensure smooth and effective work with battery-powered devices in a professional environment. The multi-charger supports the charging infrastructure through its versatile use - such as mobile use, for example in vehicles, or use in stationary facilities such as warehouses or workshops. The mounting options for the charging box include fixing to walls, floors or even stacking several units on top of each other.

These functions, a compact design and adherence to a grid dimension were the challenges for the design in addition to the implementation of the STIHL-typical design language. As an accessory product, the battery carrier enables the required batteries to be transported directly to the place of use. It holds 6 AP batteries and is easy to grasp thanks to the carrying handle. Like the multi-charger, the battery carrier can be stacked.

Product family

The standardization and consistent application of the design elements, adapted according to requirements, has created a visual reinforcement of the STIHL brand and a higher recognition value. This is particularly evident in the overview of the product family, which includes both professional tools from the AP system and tools for private users from the AK system, which are nevertheless differentiated by nuances in the design language. The design of the cordless saws creates a visually strong product family through its consistent implementation.

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Stihl MSA220 with worker
Stihl MSA200C on the construction site
Stihl MSA160C on construction site
Three chainsaws Stihl MSA200C at woodpile
Stihl chainsaw saws trunk
Stihl MSA300
Stihl MSA70
Stihl MSA200
Stihl MSA220C Detail
Stihl MSA220C on tree trunk

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Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
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