WÜRTH System storage box

WÜRTH - A new system storage box with coupling function

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This meant that the grid dimensions could now be consistently transferred to the storage containers and optimum compatibility of contents, storage container and shelving system could be achieved.

Furthermore, some smart additional features such as coupling capability, dust cover and tamper-evident closure have been integrated into the new boxes.

The new system storage boxes in 4 sizes are ideal for transporting, storing and storing small parts, tools and consumables. All boxes of one size can be stacked together without slipping and can also be latched together using the optional slip clips. This enables safe transportation and less handling when moving the boxes at your storage locations.

Smooth inner walls and a large inner radius at the front make it easier to remove the goods, while recessed grips at the front and rear ensure a high level of carrying comfort. Similar to the red assortment boxes from the case system, the system storage boxes can also be hooked into a rail system directly at the workstation or a perforated wall via an interface on the rear.

There is also a wide range of accessories and additional benefits: A transparent lid not only serves as dust protection, but can also be sealed at the side with plastic seals to prevent tampering when sent by post. The box can then even be sent directly without further outer packaging using a strapping band inserted into the corresponding recesses.

In addition to dividers in transparent and solid color, the front of the box also has a transparent viewing window that can be opened for removal. Below the opening, a large area is provided on the front for labeling and sticking. A transparent holder is also available here as an accessory, which can be used to hold stick-on labels. The side of the boxes also has holders for large stick-on labels.

Despite these diverse technical functions and requirements, we were able to give the box a consistent and clean design in the style of the system family and accompany the box through to the tool-compatible data set at BUSSE.

WÜRTH System storage box W-SLB
WÜRTH System storage box
WÜRTH System storage box
WÜRTH System storage box

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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