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Our customer WÜRTH has presented the first devices of its new generation of cordless tools with its own WÜRTH M-CUBE battery standard. Inspired by caftsmen. Made by WÜRTH. Supported by BUSSE.

The next product in this new range is the AWS 18 COMPACT cordless angle grinder. True to the motto "Close. Closer. Würth", WÜRTH has incorporated the opinions, ideas and improvements of the more than 40,000 craftsmen with whom WÜRTH is in daily personal contact in direct sales.

These have inspired WÜRTH to develop its own new battery platform that offers real professionals everything they need.

The new, compact, powerful, brushless cordless angle grinder AWS 18 is ideal for medium-duty roughing and cutting work. An LED on the gear head warns of overload. The electronic motor protection function switches the motor off prematurely in the event of permanent overload or jamming. This guarantees a long service life for the motor - an efficient, low-maintenance and brushless EC motor with power reserves. In addition, there is protection against chips by means of cover grilles on the ventilation slots. A dead man's switch and brake function ensure a quick disc stop as soon as the switch is released.

A tool-free quick-release nut system and tool-free protective hood adjustment enable quick and convenient adaptation to the various applications. The very compact and ergonomic design with additional anti-vibration handle guarantees comfortable and fatigue-free working.

BUSSE was able to support WÜRTH in this challenging development of a new, brand-defining design language for the entire product family, which makes the machines as compact and robust as possible and supports the machine's direction of action and force, ergonomics and daily use with clear, targeted formal elements.

Cordless angle grinder AWS 18
Cordless angle grinder AWS 18-125 P COMPACT M-CUBE
Cordless angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder
Cordless angle grinder

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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