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Our customer WÜRTH has now added the first 12V products in addition to the devices of its own M-CUBE battery series launched in 2019, further manifesting the strategy "from dealer to manufacturer!" Inspired by craftsmen. Made by WÜRTH. Supported by BUSSE.

The design features developed for this new generation of equipment have also been consistently transferred to these product variants: The powerful and compact battery with the faceted shoulder set off in a gray soft component on the front and underside, as well as the "Sloped Line": a surface edge that vertically divides the bodies of the respective devices and thus excitingly breaks up and dynamizes the technically and ergonomically determined proportions of the products. This can be seen very clearly on the hammer drill, for example - here the sloped line continues horizontally in the lower area and ends in the battery connection.

WÜRTH has also designed these products true to the motto "Close. Closer. Würth", WÜRTH has incorporated the opinions, ideas and improvements of the enormous of craftsmen with whom WÜRTH is in daily personal contact in its direct WÜRTH's direct sales force is in personal contact with on a daily basis.BUSSE was able to support WÜRTH in this demanding development of a new design language for the entire product family and the detailed design of the individual and the detailed design of the individual units.

Würth screwdriver
Würth screwdriver
Würth screwdriver from the side
Würth cordless impact drill
Würth drywall screwdriver
Würth cordless screwdriver
Würth ABS 18 Power cordless screwdriver

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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