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HAZET SmartCase - How the socket wrench case was completely reinvented

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A challenging order for BUSSE's think tank: The Remscheid-based tool manufacturer HAZET wanted a very special socket wrench box with extraordinary features. But can you really reinvent an everyday object like a socket wrench box? You can - if you find a design solution that is as user-friendly, cost-effective, high-quality, aesthetic and brand-defining as possible. It has become a reality in the form of the new 38-piece 1/4˝ socket set HAZET SmartCase.

The "smart" consists, among other things, of the user-friendly arrangement of the operating tools and bits. When the lid of the case is opened, the reversible ratchet and the socket handle fold up. The 16 bits automatically straighten up in parallel via a spring - ready for direct access! This novel and surprising function makes for comfortable working. And it is considered so unique that it has been patented.

Users are always pleased about this: They can swivel both the ratchet and the plug-in handle to the right or left as desired, so that they have free access to all tools from both sides. Because all the slots for the inserts and bits in the box are clearly marked with size information and screw profile, annoying mistakes are a thing of the past.

Further advantages result from the use of two types of plastic: Hard plastic makes the box stable for a hard working day and a long service life. Soft plastic creates an anti-slip effect on the outside, while inside it guarantees a firm hold for the sockets. The box can be opened up to 220° and can therefore be placed safely and non-slip wherever it is needed, for example on machine shelves, dashboards, fenders or smooth surfaces.

With its particularly high-quality and robust design, the newly developed SmartCase meets the high quality standards of the traditional German quality brand HAZET in every respect: If, for example, the user accidentally steps on the tools with his foot, the center part is automatically released from its anchorage to protect it from damage. It can then be easily reattached using clamps - built-in safety!

Open communication and practical test series enabled BUSSE to realize further customer wishes: The manufacturing costs of the socket wrench box were reduced in relation to comparable assortment boxes. In addition, the BUSSE designers matched the aesthetic and brand-defining design exactly to the target group and the corporate design of the HAZET brand.

The HAZET SmartCase proves what outstanding results are possible from the collaboration between the customer's know-how bearers and the creative minds at BUSSE. Even for supposedly routine tasks in terms of everyday consumer goods, the BUSSE developers and designers find amazingly new and convincing concepts.

Smart Case opened
Smart Case is used to screw on the car
Smart Case closed
Smart Case from the side, plug-in handle outside
Smart case from the side with plug-in handle in the case
Smart Case from the right
Smart Case fully opened
Smart Case opened from above
Smart Case test winner and Product Design Award
Smart Case opened in the workshop

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