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CALISTAIR - C300: Air Decontamination in Record Time

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Calistair worked with BUSSE to develop a device for highly efficient control of viruses and other airborne contaminants. We were able to support Calistair in bringing the patented air decontamination technology from project start to market launch in less than three months to provide effective air disinfection against COVID-19, among others, in time for the cold season.

Since COVID-19, clean and healthy breathing air has a whole new meaning! Unlike conventional air purifiers, the new Calistair C300 uses technology derived from a professional decontamination plant and thus guarantees effective destructive power within a few minutes.

This unique technology is already used in cleanrooms and operating rooms - where air quality and sterility are essential. The aim was to make this technology available to private customers on a smaller scale in the shortest possible time, in order to provide a means of increasing indoor safety and significantly reducing the risk of infection by winter at the latest.

Independent tests by the most famous French microbiology laboratory show that a small test device using Calistair technology achieves 99.4% destruction efficiency on coronavirus after only 10 min of operation. The Calistair C300 also effectively removes previously dreaded bacteria, fungi, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases and odors from indoor air where conventional air purifiers often reach their limits.

Thanks to an agile approach, transparent communication, short decision-making paths and efficient implementation, the first project steps were taken quickly and a tight roadmap was established. Short supply chains within Europe and a fit-for-purpose sheet metal design structure subsequently made it possible to bring a high-quality and appealing Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from project start to market launch in less than three months, without the need for lengthy tooling.

BUSSE was able to support Calistair here with construction and design expertise in the conception and implementation of the housing design, as well as the functional structure. In addition, BUSSE was able to save time by creating the user manual and the visuals for the first marketing measures at the same time, so that the coordination effort was considerably reduced by many services from one source.

With its unobtrusive but high-quality design, the device blends in with practically any environment and, thanks to its robust metal construction, also clearly distinguishes itself visually from conventional filter air cleaners. The C300 can thus make a valuable contribution to infection prevention wherever people congregate indoors: From meeting rooms and offices to gyms and hairdressing salons, kindergartens, doctors' offices and living rooms.

For more information on the device and how it works, visit We at BUSSE are pleased to be able to make a contribution to the fight against the pandemic with the Calistair C300.

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Florian Lipp, Industrial Designer
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