Man and woman cut vegetables together with the sked knife

SKED - The ever sharp knife

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A knife block that sharpens knives as if by magic. The sked knife block fulfills the dream of an ever-sharp knife.

Imagine a knife block that not only protects the knife, but also independently maintains and sharpens it. With sked, just such an electronic knife sharpening block is implemented, so that the ever-sharp knife becomes reality.

Jürgen Dangel, the inventor from Rulfingen, came up with this razor-sharp idea when he was annoyed by the many dull knives while cutting bacon in the kitchen. Although one often has several knives in the kitchen, many of them are mostly blunt. And the gentle sharpening of a knife with leather belts had to be learned.

Therefore, Mr. Dangel, who actually owns a metal processing company, developed a knife block on the side, which automatically sharpens the knife when it is inserted. This novel knife block with patented technology bears the name sked. The abbreviation stands for "sharp knife every day" and promises just that: a knife that stays sharp every day. Instead of coarse whetstones or grinding rods, which often produce metallic abrasion, the sked knife block instead uses a ceramic grinding block whose ceramic polygons sharpen the knife in a gentle way so that the knife can retain its sharpness for many years with this storage.

With this concept, the inventor turned to BUSSE where the concept was technically elaborated and implemented in the form of a functioning prototype.

The grinding process is started automatically by sensors that detect the inserted knife and is finished almost imperceptibly after about 2-3 minutes. This allows the knife to remain in the block until its cutting power is called into action again. Thanks to built-in rechargeable batteries, the device, which weighs only 3 kg, can also be operated without a power supply.

With such a unique approach and use of modern techniques, it comes as no surprise that Jürgen Dangel received the award for "Kitchen Innovation of the Year 2019" in the "Small Electrical Appliances" category for his ingenious idea at this year's Ambiente international consumer goods trade fair in Frankfurt. The special thing about it: the knife is not yet available for purchase.

The founder and his business partner Horst Paetzel are currently looking for a producer as a series production partner for the patented knife block.

Sked knife block in white, red and black
Man and woman cut vegetables together with the sked knife
Holder for the Sked knife block
Knife block from the front

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