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Our customer Allied Vision presents a new camera generation at the VISION trade show in Stuttgart.

Allied Vision's Alvium camera series is an innovative camera platform that overcomes the limitations of current camera modules for embedded applications and offers system designers an unprecedented level of freedom. Based on the revolutionary ALVIUM® technology, a unique system-on-chip also developed by Allied Vision, the camera series offers industrial performance for embedded vision with 6 key benefits for system engineers:

  • Integrated on-board image processing
  • Single board design
  • Easy hardware and software integration
  • Wide range of state-of-the-art sensors
  • Intelligent power management
  • Cost-optimized design

Thus, Allied Vision's embedded vision heralds a new era in machine vision and scientific imaging by allowing computer vision to be used directly in embedded systems.

Historically, digital imaging in industrial and scientific applications began and expanded with image processing algorithms on powerful PCs. New powerful, low-cost, and energy-efficient processors can now run image processing applications without a PC on smaller, sometimes mobile, devices.

Typically, embedded systems are small, lightweight, low-cost computing devices that can be embedded in a larger system - for example, a car, robot, or vending machine.

If an embedded system is to be equipped with a vision system, the special features of an embedded system compared to a PC-based system must be taken into account.

To integrate a vision system into a robot or a drone, size and weight are important factors. A camera for embedded vision must be very compact and lightweight. This is exactly what the new Alvium camera series fulfills, for which the BUSSE team was able to support the specialists at Allied Vision in terms of product design, housing development, as well as prototype construction and series transfer.

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