Man sits relaxed in the office next to his room air filter

AL-KO - Germ-free air flows out of the room sculpture

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The filter system creates healthy air, the room sculpture attracts attention. What seems to have nothing to do with each other, BUSSE combines in the AL-KO PURE air purifier to a fascinating solution to the problem of air purification - fundamentally redefined in technology and design.

Because a room air filter works best freestanding, you can not simply hide it. However, if the design is right, then the filter system becomes a lifestyle product that decorates any room. BUSSE took up this challenge from AL-KO Therm when developing the PURE air purifier, whereby its function and effect were predetermined.

The result is convincing due to its functional elegance and neutral design, which can be adapted to different interior designs as well as to customer-specific wishes. Light effects at the head of the unit provide information about the operating status and turn it into a stylish design object. The round, transparent shape is reminiscent of air flowing through it; after all, the device cleans 130 m3 of air per hour in five stages from bacteria, viruses, VOCs, spores, dust and pollen, reduces the ozone content and frees it from unwanted odors.

Its unique and patented function produces an almost 100 percent germ-free air, as measurements prove. AL-KO Pure renders harmless volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that escape as odor gases hazardous to health, for example from carpets, furniture or textiles - a clear competitive advantage. Thus AL-KO Therm offers not only a chic lifestyle product but a technical novelty with demonstrably high benefits for health and well-being.

Throughout the development process, the BUSSE team worked closely with AL-KO's specialist departments, such as electronics development, test laboratory, marketing and assembly. BUSSE's services included the mechanical configuration of the sterilizer and the development of all components until they were ready for series production, the design from the initial idea to the CAD 3D draft, and the intuitive membrane keypad (user interface).

AL-KO also relied on BUSSE's experience in prototype construction. In addition, BUSSE provided valuable technical support for arrangements with suppliers and quality assurance, sometimes even in person in China.

AL-KO Luft- und Klimatechnik in Jettingen-Scheppach near Augsburg is a subsidiary of the international AL-KO Kober SE group of companies. With 50 locations and 4,200 employees worldwide, AL-KO Kober is one of the leading suppliers in the fields of vehicle technology, garden equipment and air technology. Founded in 1931, the medium-sized family-owned company is managed in the third generation by CEO Stefan Kober.

Room air filter green
Room air filter blue from above
Room air filter in green, dark blue, red and light blue
Doctor stands in doctor's office, the room air filter is behind him
Child and mother are in the nursery, with the room air filter behind them

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