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Industrial technology

Siemens can communicate and process data on three different levels and platforms: In Cloud (MindSphere), In Line (Sinumerik Integrate) and In Machine (Sinumerik + Sinumerik Edge). The associated comprehensive offering with integrated hardware and software portfolio is marketed as CNC Shopfloor Management Software and spans all three levels. Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath is a PC desktop application which, together with planned expansion stages, is assigned to the 'In Machine' level. This allows the finished geometry from the CAD system, the NC program and the record of the toolpath after machining to be displayed simultaneously in three dimensions and compared with each other. It uses filters and color assignments to visually reveal potentially problematic areas. The tool thus provides the user with comprehensive support - both before machining, when it is a question of uncovering optimization potential in the NC program, and after machining, when troubleshooting if insufficient surface quality has been produced.

Many fields of application

The information provided by Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath can be used in a variety of ways on the store floor, in work preparation and production, regardless of whether the production of individual or series parts is involved. It is available as a single user license. Basically, it is worth looking at it in advance for every workpiece that consumes a lot of machine time or has high requirements. Problems that occur when running in new parts or a new machine can be limited from the outset. Machine tool manufacturers, who supply the production process with the machine, job shoppers, who often receive their programs from the customer - all these users gain access to information from which optimization potential can be derived. As a display and evaluation tool, Analyze MyWorkpiece /Toolpath helps to increase productivity and ensure quality. A tenth of a second here, an optimized tool retraction there - this quickly has a positive effect without requiring any machine time. Used consistently, it should be possible to significantly increase productivity overall.

Man operates SIEMENS Analyze MyWorkpiece via touchscreen
SIEMENS Analyze MyWorkpiece main screen
SIEMENS Analyze MyWorkpiece Screen error detection
SIEMENS Analyze MyWorkpiece Splitscreen mit Colormap und Pseudosurface
Man uses SIEMENS Analyze MyWorkpiece at his workplace

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Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
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