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So-called zero-turn mowers are true mowing machines designed for use on large areas. With the introduction of these top-of-the-range mowers, our customer STIHL is adding the strongest, most robust and longest-lasting type of mower to its range.

In close cooperation with STIHL-Tirol, we developed the product design of the zero-turn mowers, taking into account the overall design strategy, the corporate design and the STIHL color brand.

The new zero-turn mowers from STIHL, are two entire series of devices, which are divided into models for private users (homeowners) and models for professional users. The aim of the design development: to emphasize and highlight the stronger power, the size and the comfort required for professionals as a working tool through the design.

The challenge during processing was to provide the very technical basis with a mechanically complex chassis and mower unit with the STIHL brand design due to the required robustness. Apart from the side tanks, the lack of large plastic housing parts due to the design and stability required the development of a simple yet typical STIHL design using sheet metal structures.

In addition, the scalability of the design to the different unit sizes had to be taken into account during the design development. We thus created the STIHL Zero Turn design as a scalable, modular and expandable design system that differentiates between private and professional users.

Professional models
The professional models comprise the 500, 700 and 900 series, which differ mainly in engine power and size of the mowing deck and can thus be optimally adapted to the respective area of application. The design of this type of machine, which can be described as a vehicle, is based on automotive elements such as the striking front panel with integrated LED lighting, long dynamic side lines in the tank area and a stable, robust rear section (engine housing). In addition to their sheer size and performance, the professional models are distinguished from the consumer models by the deliberately increased proportion of black in the tank and seat area.

Series for home users
The model series for home users comprises the RZ 142, RZ 152 and RZ 261 units. The sturdy and striking front panel, which also serves as a footrest, has been adapted from the professional models and scaled to match the dimensions. The higher gray content of the consumer units deliberately gives them a somewhat calmer appearance.

Zero-turn ride-on mower Stihl optional
Stihl RT4082 ride-on mower
Stihl RT6172 ride-on mower
Stihl RT6127 ride-on mower
Stihl Zero-Turn ride-on mower
Stihl Zero-Turn ride-on mower
Woman mowing with Stihl RT4082 ride-on mower
Stihl RT5097 ride-on mower
Three Stihl Zero-Turn ride-on mower on pasture
Stihl Zero-Turn ride-on mower
Stihl Zero-Turn ride-on mower

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Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
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