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Cross-system solutions and networking of consumables, application tools and storage are what made WÜRTH great.

And now, together with WÜRTH, the designers and constructors at BUSSE have developed a new grid system, standard size and universal storage and case system, adding another dimension to the interface of these components with each other, which will be implemented as a standard for all storage locations in the future. The carrier and the lighthouse product for this are the new system cases developed and designed at BUSSE, which will be combinable with any of the WÜRTH storage systems.

Our ancestors already had to carry things around with them. The original form of luggage is considered to be the bag laced from animal skin. The breakthrough of the suitcase is due to a packer named Louis Vuitton, who worked at the French royal court. Monsieur Vuitton went into business for himself and became the world's first suitcase designer. His groundbreaking motto: The right suitcase for everyone, always with you.

Vuitton's philosophy of the suitcase as an indispensable companion is also reflected in the ORSY system suitcase from Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. There are many suitcases. But only one has consistently thought through and implemented the system idea: WÜRTH, the inventor of the system idea in the trade.

What do craftsmen, technicians or construction workers ask themselves before they leave for work: "Do I have everything with me?" However, the existing cases of the required tools and assortments are not compatible with each other in size and dimension and therefore cannot be coupled with each other and thus cannot be carried safely and comfortably as a group. Existing system cases, on the other hand, are merely isolated solutions for certain tools, do not offer complete system compatibility, and are also not comfortable to carry due to the handle that is often only attached to the lid, and are more of a box than a case that can also be used individually.

The way out of this dilemma is offered by Adolf WÜRTH GmbH & Co. KG, which is designing the organization principle of the future with ORSY: Everything fits together, everything fits into each other. A unique unit with many components that are interconnected. This brings order to working life.

The basis for the ORSY system world is the uniform grid dimension. The system elements are coordinated with each other and can be coupled. At Würth, all system components fit into the various mobile and stationary equipment - whether suitcase, shelf, workbench, vehicle equipment or work table.

The system case is the prelude to this new system world. It itself becomes an important tool. Thanks to the modular dimensions, the contents of the case are also completely compatible with the contents of the drawers. This means that you have an overview, have everything with you and are always ready for use.

The cases developed and designed by BUSSE Design+Engineering and Würth to the point where they are ready for series production offer a new, high-quality design, are also standardized in size, stackable on top of each other and can be coupled together. With the coupling element, which can be operated from the front, the cases can be connected to each other and thus safely carried or stored together, and with the handle, which is also attached to the front, they still remain a convenient case to use - even when used individually.

And that's not all - thanks to perfectly matched additional interfaces, the cases can in turn be easily integrated into the existing ORSY1 and ORSYmobil vehicle systems in a universally compatible manner, thus offering a flexible and mobile storage system at the workplace in the workshop, in the vehicle and off-site in service or on the construction site.

The ORSY system case is available for market launch in two basic dimensions and two height dimensions, with further height dimensions to follow. Inside, the cases can be equipped with inserts made of foam or plastic and/or assortment boxes, depending on the intended use and requirements. In the long term, the system will also include containers and storage boxes as well as socket wrench, drill and bit boxes.

Würth Orsy case
ORSY case
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Würth case interior
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