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HAZET - SmartHolder with new fine-tooth reversible ratchet

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Practical addition to the toolbox or for home - SmartHolder with new fine-tooth reversible ratchet from HAZET.

There are tools that should not be missing in any toolbox, workshop or household: The newly developed HAZET SmartHolder socket set 2300SH-1 from the Remscheid-based tool manufacturer is definitely one of them. The practical 39-piece tool holder is composed of a newly designed ¼" mini all-steel fine-tooth reversible ratchet, a magnetic bit holder, two adapters, six ¼" sockets and 29 bits with the most popular drives.

The ¼" solid steel ratchet has been completely redesigned by the Remscheid developers. It is only 90 mm short, has 60 teeth, which allow an operating angle.of 6°. This makes it easy to work even in confined spaces.

The stylish SmartHolder is practical, extremely handy and compactly equipped with a maximum number of tools in the smallest space and with the best overview. It fits in almost any pocket and is very well suited for all smaller and quick screwdriving jobs, i.e. whenever there is "just something to screw".

The SmartHolder is developed and produced "Made in Germany". Its durable, robust twist lock ensures a tight fit and immediate access to the sockets.When locked, the inserts are securely fixed; it is now impossible for them to fall out.To remove them, simply turn them to the left and then pull them off upwards.If you press the push button on the side, you activate the open function of the bit magazine.The two bit strips push each other away from each other, so that you can easily access all bits at any time.In addition, there is an additional, as the manufacturer calls it, "tool garage": there the reversible ratchet and the ¼" bit holder are securely fixed. By simply pulling on one of the two tools, they stand up and can be easily removed.

The set includes a ¼" bit adapter as well as an adapter with a ¼" external square drive as the output for the sockets and ¼" hex drive for ratchet operation. The ¼" bit adapter is easily used to clamp the included bits into a drill.

The holder contains 18 short bits (25 mm) and 11 long bits (50 mm). The desired screw profile is guaranteed to be found quickly thanks to the practical HAZET color code. All bits are of course suitable for use in an impact drill.

We congratulate HAZET on this successful product innovation and are pleased to have successfully supported this project again!

Smartholder cropped
SmartHolder from the front
SmartHolder from the side
SmartHolder sideways from above
SmartHolder with the tools distributed outside
Smartholder shown sideways from above
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