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The USM Haller modular furniture system is a specialist when it comes to organization in space - classically beautiful and almost infinitely adaptable.

With the new electromechanical lock C and the specially developed USM app, storage space and lock management now takes on a new dimension. Thanks to dual technology (RFID & Bluetooth), the lock can be easily operated with key cards or the intuitive and user-friendly app from a smartphone. BUSSE Design+Engineering was able to support USM in the creation of the Quick Guide that accompanies the Power User Kit.

Compact and linear with the timeless aesthetics of the design classic, the Lock C combines electronics and mechanics in the usual high quality. If you decide to purchase one or more Lock C, the Power User Kit is also included in the order. This contains the cards required for commissioning and administration, the service tool for maintaining the locks, and a quick guide.

For the initial commissioning of the lock, the various cards "Main Admin", "Admin" and "User" are required. At BUSSE, we have visualized this process in a Quick Guide, using self-explanatory information graphics and a small amount of text to familiarize the user with the process of commissioning, programming the Admin cards and the use of the key card by the user. The challenge here was to remain as language-neutral as possible and to explain the process steps clearly, especially through graphics.

Although it is also possible to operate the Lock C via app, commissioning must always be carried out with the cards of the Power User Kit. Therefore, the need arose for an analog guide to illustrate this process.

In several user tests by USM, the contents of the guide were further optimized based on user feedback, so that in the end a successful document was created for the end customer.

"To stay on the ball after more than 50 years, you have to come up with something new: new components, new functions, small but fine additions that offer users new applications and make the clever furniture construction system fit for the future."

- Dr. Thomas Dienes, Group Product Development Director -

Like all USM system components, the new lock C can be mounted on existing USM furniture in the spirit of backwards compatibility. Without much effort and without having to replace the entire door, only the existing handle or lock grip is replaced by the new lock C. The new lock C can also be easily replaced from the outside. The batteries can also be changed from the outside in just a few simple steps. During this process, the lock remains locked and the contents are kept safe.

We would like to thank USM for the partnership and wish them every success with the Lock C product.

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Packaging and operating instructions in closed condition.
Packaging of the product with two key cards.
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Packaging and operating instructions.

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