Reichmann ski service machine Slope Master S4

REICHMANN - New versatile combinable ski service machine

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The SF-4 is the newest member of the service vending machines and sets new standards in the Reichmann portfolio. Thanks to the large number of individualization options, the vending machine can be put together in a modular fashion according to requirements.

The BUSSE Design+Engineering team was allowed to carry out the design of this fourth generation of the successful ski automats for the Reichmann company.

We were also able to support Reichmann's development team as consultants, moderators and sparring partners in numerous technical considerations & detailed topics, and together we were able to develop exciting and innovative thoughts on modular construction and other important sales and functional factors.

We are of the opinion that the result is something to be proud of:

The new Reichmann SF-4 is the ideal service vending machine for ski rental stores and sports stores with high service volumes. Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to choose between three different modules and combine them as required:

  • Stone module-for skis and boards, 350 mm stone
  • Stone module - for skis, 2 x 165 mm stones + 2 dressers
  • Edge module- for skis and boards, HQT for side and bottom edge

The particularly space-saving developed automatic machine guarantees perfectly prepared skis and boards. Thanks to automatic loading and unloading, the winter sports equipment is moved in and out of the SF-4 and is then automatically processed. Optimally, the SF-4 is equipped with a stone and an edge module so that base and edge tuning can be carried out in one step.

The machine settings can be made easily and self-explanatory via the large touch display. In addition, a large portfolio of stored structures can be used for the base structure. Those who would like to grind an individual structure on the ski can design it online via the Reichmann PatRich program and transfer it to the machine.

Thanks to HQT technology, edge tuning at World Cup level is possible. The perfect interplay of disc side edge processing and lower edge tuning with polishing wheels produces burr-free edges in just one work step. The ski then comes out of the Reichmann SF-4 service machine with an ideally prepared base and perfectly tuned edges.

Skis or snowboards that have been processed on the new SF-4 from Reichmann are guaranteed to have the perfect polish. This benefits not only the rental company or sports store, but also the skiers and snowboarders, who can look forward to ideally prepared winter sports equipment. A look behind the scenes of the ski service providers is therefore particularly worthwhile for the winter sports enthusiasts themselves, because processing on Reichmann machines guarantees the athlete optimum skiing pleasure, ideal gliding properties and the best edge grip.

We are already looking forward to the next ski and snowboard season!

Reichmann ski service machine SF4
Reichmann ski service machine SF4
Reichmann ski service machine Slope Master

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