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Creating a dog crate that is so light that it can be easily lifted out of the trunk and therefore also used in the dog park, offers a space-saving innovative roller door and, above all, is adaptable to different types of dogs and vehicles - that was the task for the unic dog crate, BUSSE's latest in-house product. The appearance of this box also sets it apart from conventional aluminum dog boxes.

In 60 years of company history, countless products have been created with and for well-known customers, as well as successful in-house products such as the Ulm Stadiometer. To mark our 60th anniversary, the unic dog crate has now been added to BUSSE's own products after almost 1.5 years of development. From an initial idea, our interdisciplinary team from construction, design, administration and production, in close cooperation with dog trainers from CreaCanis, was able to optimally adapt the properties of unic to the needs and requirements of dogs and owners. This interaction enables different perspectives and incorporates experience from work and everyday life.

unic - the name alone sums up our goal: uniqueness! The unic roll-up door (patent pending) is a completely new feature for dog boxes. This makes it easy to open and close the dog crate, is lockable and there is no bulky door protruding from the vehicle. The emergency exit at the back of the box allows you to reach and care for your dog quickly on longer journeys, in traffic jams or in an emergency. Thanks to the low weight of a maximum of 15 kg for our largest box, unic can be used individually: whether in the trunk of a car, at home, at the dog park, in the office or in a hotel.

unic is available in three standard sizes and 5 colors. Alternatively, you can configure your personal dog box online from 85 other size variants. You can determine the height, width and depth of your unic dog crate yourself based on the size of your dog and car trunk. This makes unic a completely individual product that is not only practical and safe, but also meets your visual requirements. The colored tarpaulin material can be easily wiped clean.

According to road traffic regulations, animals are considered cargo and must therefore be adequately secured so as not to pose a risk to passengers and road traffic. In addition to comfort and handling, one thing counts above all else with a dog crate: safety. The unic dog crate uses "anti-slip" pads that are attached under the dog crate. Effect: No slipping and no rattling, even at high speeds! However, as with all dog crates, you should also secure the unic dog crate with additional straps to ensure that the load is fully secured. In several driving tests with a dog dummy at high speeds and on a winding test track, we have tested unic to the limit and continued to optimize it. unic has passed all load securing tests and is therefore safe for you and your dog.

You can find more information about our latest in-house product at

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Carina Frohberger, Engineer, Product Manager
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