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12 Apr 2024
Fire protection
Busse Design+Engineering GmbH takes the issue of employee and fire protection very seriously.
22 Mar 2024
Saying goodbye to Adobe XD: Tips for switching to new design tools
Adobe XD, once considered a pioneer in the field of UI/UX design, has been on uncertain ground since the summer of 2023. The announcement that the platform is going into maintenance mode and will receive no further updates raises questions about its future.
15 Mar 2024
Ski trip to Ischgl
This year our ski trip finally took place again, which had to be canceled the last 4 years due to Corona.
2 Feb 2024
Plagiarius Award 2024
For the 48th time, Aktion Plagiarius e.V. has awarded its dreaded negative prize "Plagiarius" to manufacturers and retailers of particularly brazen counterfeits and fakes - for the first time, various well-known eCommerce platforms are also among the winners. The award ceremony took place at a press conference at the Ambiente consumer goods fair in Frankfurt.
24 Jan 2024
Ulm/Neu-Ulm Urban Development Association visits BUSSE Design+Engineering
A delegation from the Ulm/Neu-Ulm Urban Development Association, including Neu-Ulm Mayor Katrin Albsteiger, Ulm Mayor Martin Ansbacher, who will take office on March 1, and Elchingen Mayor Joachim Eisenkolb, visited the Elchingen-based company BUSSE Design+Engineering as part of a working meeting.
15 Dec 2023
BUSSE Design+Engineering annual review 2023
An incredible year lies behind us: we take a look back at the events of the past year with a short film - our review of 2023
14 Dec 2023
"If you know plastic, take steel" What to consider when transferring plastic parts to series production....
Plastic parts are ideal for products in large quantities and because these components can be used to These components can be used to create functional and structural elements as well as aesthetically pleasing outer surfaces and housings. And if they can be dismantled, repaired and designed to be durable, plastic products definitely meet the criteria of sustainability.
13 Dec 2023
After intensive planning, we launched our new website in December, which will be successively expanded with additional content and functionalities in the new year.
7 Dec 2023
The WÜRTH system cassettes win the German Design Award 2024
Following on from the success story of the equally award-winning system case family, WÜRTH has developed its own system of cassettes for drills, small parts and special tools, adapted to the grid dimensions of the shelving, cases and vehicle systems.
Das moderne BUSSE DESIGN+ENGINEERING Headquarter mit großen Glasfenstern wird von innen beleuchtet und hebt sich vom dunkler werdenden Himmel während der Dämmerung ab. Das Bild zeigt architektonisches Design und natürliche Beleuchtungseffekte.