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After intensive planning, we launched our new website in December, which will be successively expanded with additional content and functionalities in the new year.

In addition to a new, modern look and optimization for display on both PCs and mobile devices, we have implemented maximum user-centric interaction:

For example, the new filter function allows our countless references to be displayed specifically in the criteria that users and (potential) customers are interested in: both by industry, but also by specialist area and skill/activity.

The impulses that we offer through our unique interdisciplinarity of our four in-house specialist areas are also explicitly highlighted, as this represents real fuel for differentiating features and innovations in your product development:

Be it our UX 720° expertise in the fusion of hardware and software operation, the accompanying possibilities of VR/AR hybrid models and virtual walkthroughs, our capabilities in DFM (design-for-manufacturing), CMF (color-material-finish) and design thinking as well as product innovation.

The presentation of our team, our shared spirit and the activities "behind the scenes" will also have its own subpage - because that's what unites us: The passion and joy of developing products!

And the virtual tour of our company, which was recorded a few years ago using 360° cameras, is now also integrated into our company presentation again - so you can look directly "over our shoulder".

Have fun browsing our new website!

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