Logos of various design awards

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Design awards offer a good opportunity to emphasize the function, handling and aesthetics of a product and thus highlight its unique selling point from the sea of competing products.

In times of a globalized and rapidly networked world, we all have access to an almost unmanageable number of products in all areas of life. Regardless of the sector, from consumer to industrial to medical, there is an unmanageable number of manufacturers and products.

This gigantic selection brings many advantages and freedoms for the consumer, but also harbors the danger that good products get lost in the vast sea of competitors and therefore never reach the customer.

For this reason, there are design awards that have set themselves the goal of highlighting the best products in their class each year and presenting them to the general public in an award ceremony. In this way, outstanding products in terms of innovation, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics can be given the space and attention they deserve. Both among consumers and competitors.

These prizes are awarded across all sectors, but also specifically for the respective product category and sector. As with all awards, however, the product must first be registered. An expert jury can then examine all submitted products according to the criteria of good design in order to ultimately only award prizes to the best products.

Examples of well-known design awards:

At BUSSE, we have many years of experience in all aspects of design and product development and are proud to have launched numerous award-winning products on the market together with our customers.

If you would also like to present the uniqueness of your product to the general public, you are welcome to send us a message or contact our contact person directly.

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