Team stands in the forest and cuts down trees

BUSSE-STIHL design team on a forest excursion


For the optimal design of products, it is essential to know them from the user's point of view. For this reason, a joint forest excursion of our BUSSE design team with our customer STIHL took place on October 15, 2020. The team had the opportunity to test various STIHL chainsaws and tools in the forest under real operating conditions.

For us as designers, in addition to product and brand design, the practical application of the user is particularly important. In order to understand aspects such as ergonomics and handling, it is important that the designer knows the products to be designed in use.

For this reason, our BUSSE-STIHL design team took part in a forest excursion organized by our customer STIHL in order to gain experience with the various STIHL chainsaws and tools. Here the team was able to put the equipment through its paces for a whole day under operating conditions, in a practical manner and in compliance with all safety regulations, and ask the STIHL product trainer team questions.

For our team, it was an exhausting, exciting and eventful day - for which we would like to thank our customer STIHL and the STIHL training team.

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Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
Markus Schönecker, Senior Industrial Designer, Project Manager
Men in work clothes stand in the forest
The team cuts down a tree
Men standing next to tree stump
Two pictures side by side, each showing a man with tools
Team next to felled trees
Man saws at felled tree
Tree is felled
Close-up of tree stump
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