The UI / UX team in the museum

Team outing for the UI / UX team

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After the design team's hiking trip, the UI / UX team also took a day out to enjoy the last sunny days in Ulm together.

As has always been the custom at BUSSE, each department undertakes an annual excursion to a destination of its choice in order to get to know the region and itself even better together. Due to the current situation, the UI / UX team opted for a smaller excursion within Ulm.

The day began with a relaxed breakfast on the banks of the Danube. From there, we went on to the Ulm Museum to visit the exhibition "Transhuman - From Prosthetics to Cyborgs". The exhibition was dedicated to cutting-edge technologies and showed the history and outlook of the development of human-machine interactions on the body and how these can make life easier for people with and without disabilities.

After processing all the new information and impressions, it was time for an active change, which is why the next stop was an escape room. In these challenges, the participants are "locked" in a room and have to solve tasks and puzzles in a given time in order to find a way out of the scenario.

60 minutes of puzzling, guessing and tracking later, the team finally managed to successfully complete the challenge.

They were supposed to continue on to the municipal exhibition rooms in the M25, where the immersive birdly simulator would have made it possible to experience a realistic bird flight through historic Ulm. However, the simulator was unfortunately not operational due to technical problems, which is why plans had to be spontaneously changed.

In late summer weather, the day ended well with a cozy cup of coffee on Münsterplatz.

After such an eventful day with a sunny finish, the cooler months of fall and winter can now be approached with confidence.

The team at the museum
Prostheses and other medical products are tested
Interactive exhibition in the museum
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