Team in front of a ruin

Team outing construction


How does a team-building measure succeed in times of social distancing? Quite simply! We, the design engineers at BUSSE, went on a hiking day together in the Ländle!

The nearby Brenz valley offers plenty of nature as well as archaeological features. The first highlight was the Kaltenburg ruins with a view over the empty Jurassic Sea. Right next to it, a few million years older, was the Charlottenhöhle cave, which bores like a narrow fissure 500 m horizontally into the valley wall and is covered in stalactites. Thanks to modern lighting and the lack of Urbären, we came out safe and sound, but hungry.

Of course, the weather was perfect and we headed straight for the nearest beer garden. After just under an hour's walk in the Eselsburg valley, the only thing left to conquer was the queue at the food counter. In the late afternoon, we hiked back to the cars and the last highlight, the local Kneipp facility: an ideal place to chill a beer and end the day.

The more athletic among us went SUPing down the very cold but clear Brenz beforehand. Very rewarding! It was a beautiful summer's day and a team event that will be remembered for many years to come.

Person is undergoing a kneipp cure
Stand up paddle boards are brought to the river
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