Edwin Lässle

We remember Edwin Lässle with great gratitude


It is with great gratitude that we remember Edwin Lässle, who, alongside the founding couple Rido and Annegret BUSSE, significantly shaped and helped to shape BUSSE Design+Engineering, then still busse design ulm, and its product developments and company history.

It was he who tried to give the team stability and structure after Annegret's death in an accident in 2002 (Rido had already left the operational business at that time). His energy to keep the company running economically knew no end. Edwin Lässle, the humorous doer and man in charge, left the company in April 2008 after 28 years of helping to shape and lead the way and went into active retirement.

He devoted himself to various passions and remained actively involved with the region and his place of work - BUSSE Design+Engineering - until his stroke.

The new generation of managing directors: Ms. Gabriele Busse-Kilger and Mr. Felix Timm, he stood by their side in a fatherly and exceedingly loyal manner.

The genuine, deep joy and great appreciation of the BUSSE team and the current management was palpable at company celebrations, at which Edwin Lässle always attended as a guest of honor whenever possible.

Dear Edwin Lässle, we bow to this life's work, which is the basis of our continuing success.

In silent mourning and heartfelt sympathy with the relatives -

Gabriele Busse-Kilger, Dr. Aliki Busse, Joy Busse,

Felix Timm & the BUSSE team.

Edwin Lässle
Edwin Lässle
Edwin Lässle with a man and child
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