Banner with the text "Together we defy the Corona virus"

Together we defy the Corona virus!


While many industries and offices have come to a virtual standstill, we are able to continue our product development activities almost without restrictions thanks to our absolutely fantastic and flexible team and our two solution-oriented internal IT specialists. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their commitment and loyalty!

Without further ado, employees with children to look after and their partners were able to work in shifts at different times or move high-performance CAD and graphics workstations complete with WACOM boards to their home offices, while at the same time tightening data security even further via VPN tunnels and access restrictions.

This allows us to press ahead with our more than 140 ongoing development projects for our wide range of customers, which include currently relevant topics from the fields of medical technology and fire and civil protection. Because especially in times of crisis, it is also important to think about "tomorrow": the planned new products will be strong building blocks for gaining valuable ground in markets that will hopefully soon recover. With our AR visualization options, we also offer a modern and powerful tool to provide potential customers with the most impressive product experience possible, even despite the absence of trade fairs and personal contact.

Thanks to our spacious premises covering 2,500 square meters, each of our 60 employees would have 40 square meters of space to maintain sufficient distance from their colleagues, so we naturally follow the recommendations of the RKI. We are fully aware of our responsibility to slow down the further spread of the virus as much as possible and can limit contact in the office to a minimal and continuously traceable group of people. At the same time, we also see it as our responsibility to continue to support the national economy and our clients and to maintain operations with a healthy sense of proportion.

Disinfectant dispensers in the social areas, all toilets and at the washbasins and the corresponding hygiene awareness training have been standard practice for us for over 5 years in order to withstand the previous waves of flu.

For many years now, and increasingly since our climate-neutral certification, we have established weekly fixed web meetings with many customers instead of face-to-face meetings, so that business as usual can take place without any risk of infection.

We hope that you are also getting through the current situation reasonably well.

Stay healthy!

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