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In industrial design, we always try to harmonize all requirements and expectations of product development. In doing so, we follow clear methodical processes in technical development, which are primarily subject to objective assessments.

However, the subjective, emotional aspects of the design process are much more difficult to grasp in terms of design aesthetics. Our industrial design team therefore continuously refines this creative process in order to achieve future-proof and brand-defining design solutions.

We humans use all our senses to perceive our environment. Just as we create memorable soundscapes in music, we design unmistakable product statements. From genre to instruments, chords, melody, dynamics and volume, we create customized product design compositions across 8 design levels.

For us, the design process does not end with the purely geometric form and contour - because the quality of perception is defined above all by the "little beloved details". Just as a good piece of music doesn't just consist of verses and chorus, for us a good design includes not only the contour and proportion with its defined surfaces, edges and lines and the colors assigned to them, but above all an intuitive human-machine interface that fits the application. Multisensory technology and supporting product graphics as well as a clearly defined CMF strategy for surfaces, materials and colors complement this to create an overall composition. All in all, these are the details that provide lasting inspiration, even after repeated viewing and use.

The magic of the creative process remains a mystery that we immerse ourselves in with passion every day, but in this way we play a keyboard that directs our creative power in a focused way and reliably ensures high design quality.

Our toolbox for design aesthetics is the BUSSE ID system. Here we consider a variety of design aspects that are based on an upstream design positioning of the brand in the context of your competitors and general design trends. The 8 levels of design serve different dimensions of impact, so that the combination of design levels spans the field of tension between long-distance and close-up effects. This results in a comprehensive design experience that can be discovered, experienced and appreciated by the user, from the big statement to the small, loving details.

BUSSE ID system modular system

With over 10,000 implemented products on the market and annual international design awards, our design performance has been synonymous with excellent design quality for decades.

Would you like to find out more about our design expertise? We look forward to your interest and personal contact.

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Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
Tobias Neuber, Head of Industrial Design, QM Representative
ID Systemgrafik modular system
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