Crane for roof renovation

Roof renovation at BUSSE


In July, the flat roof over our construction area, meeting rooms and canteen - a total of almost 1,500 m² - was completely renovated. The old polystyrene insulation, which was only 6-8 cm thick and already soaked in places, was removed and replaced with 20 cm thick EPP insulation.

In this way, we can also make a good contribution to energy optimization on the building side in preparation for our upcoming heating renovation - according to energy consultants, this should make it possible to reduce heating energy by up to 20%. In addition, a slope was modeled in the roof surface so that the water can be directed more specifically to the existing drains and additional water drains were installed in the outdoor areas. This should also enable us to cope with increasingly heavy rainfall.

Two layers of UV-resistant cover film were applied to the insulation so that no additional gravel is required. The further plan is to add another 80 kWp of PV to this roof area, so that with our existing PV system we now have 120 kWp and can actually produce all the electricity required by our servers, computers and machines ourselves.

To make matters worse, a severe hailstorm swept over Elchingen during the renovation phase, meaning that 10 of the 12 roof hatches - some of which had been newly installed just a few days earlier - had to be replaced.

The final tinsmith work and the coordination of dates for the installation of the PV system are still ongoing,

so that we will have completed this "construction site" relatively soon and can then turn our attention to modernizing the heating system...

Construction material
Construction work on the roof
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