Man standing at the SF-4 RACE fully automatic ski service machine, holding skis in his hand

REICHMANN - The autonomous loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE fully automatic ski service machine

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With the brand new loading magazine for the SF-4 RACE, loading and unloading is completely automated from a flexible ski transport cart. This saves operators the time-consuming process of loading and unloading skis in pairs or even pieces at the machine.

The skis to be processed are simply placed in the mobile cart directly at the ski acceptance counter. The filled cart can be docked directly onto the machine, eliminating the need for time-consuming reloading. After docking, the service machine takes care of all the work steps by itself - including picking up the skis in pairs into the machine and placing them back into the transport cart. In the meantime, the service personnel can attend to other important tasks - an enormous time and cost saving.

The transport trolley is available as a single-sided or double-sided version, so that 8 or 16 pairs of skis can be placed in the trolley directly at the ski pick-up counter or in various stores and conveniently transported to the vending machine by means of the integrated rollers.

For this machine development, the team from BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH was able to support the developers at Reichmann as a sparring partner in the technical concept and design. In contrast to the highly engineered paternoster systems of the predecessor models and the competitors, the focus of this innovation was on the optimal work process from the ski reception to the machine and the most ideal balance possible between technical complexity and system costs.

In this way, we were able to jointly find what we consider to be a really smart solution!

Fully automatic ski service machine SF-4 RACE diagonally from the front
Fully automatic ski service machine SF-4 RACE diagonally from the front with skis
Fully automatic ski service machines SF-4 RACE without skis
Fully automatic ski service machines SF-4 RACE with ski

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Felix Timm, General Manager
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